Arcanna – Lemon Fire OG x Golden Lemons – 1/2oz.(14g)


LF x GL – 14g

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Lemon Fire OG x Golden Lemons- Indica dominant hybrid

THC 32.21% CBD 0.14% Terpenes 2.93% (Terpenes:b-Myrcene, b-Caryophyllene, a-PInene)

Full term sun-grown strain is a Lemon Fire OG x Golden Lemons. Great nose with a high terpene level of 2.93%.

Aroma: Sweet honey, fermented fruit with lemons and a hint of mint
Flavor: Sweet but acrid, minty, aromatic
Effects: Energizingly playful and giddy. Warming body feelings around the third eye
and heart chakras. Cuddly, open lovong and connecting feelings arise.

Mendocino county grown. Women-owned business. Small craft cannabis


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