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CBD SpaceDrop 10 Pack

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10 Vegan * Solventless * Cosmic – Full spectrum handcrafted cannabis gummies made with premium Ice Water Hash. #Women Owned Business.

10 Gummy’s = 100mg (50mg CBD: 50mg THC ) 1  Gummy = 10mg ( 5mg CBD & 5mg THC)

Calories 12, Sodium 0g, Carbohydrates 3g, Sugar 2g,  Total Fat og

Ice Water Hash is a solventless extract, created only using Ice, Water, and Cannabis. There is no Butane, CO2, or  Alcohol used the making of our edibles. Space Gems  believes Ice Water Hash is the most effective delivery of the medicine.

Ingredients: We use a pectin base.  Pectin is a naturally occurring substance made from berries, apples and other fruits. Instead of Corn Syrup we use Tapioca Syrup.  Tapioca Syrup comes from a brown skinned tuberous root known as cassava grown in Asia, Africa & South America. Flavored with organic flavorings from fruits. Instead of Red dye #40 or Yellow #7 we use organic coloring from plants & vegetables.

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