Sun-grown Flower Blend -14g

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 28.05% – Sum of  Cannabinoids

23.28% THC –  0.83 CBD % 

3,313mg of THC & 12mg CBD per 14g jar.

Total Terpenoids %: 1.44 – Top 3 Terpenoids – Caryophyllene,  Myrcene &  Bisabolol

Budget friendly small batch sun-grown flowers buds, grounded up for your enjoyment.  A wholesome product that is consistent and a desirable choice for a variety of uses: roll it up, pack it in a bowl, vape it, use it to make your own  edibles or concentrates.

This ground to go flower blend, includes an array of over five strains combined  to make up a, one of a kind Calibueno full spectrum product and experience.

*Quality at a good price. *Calidad a buen precio.


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Northern, CA.

2 reviews for Sun-grown Flower Blend -14g

  1. Joseph Huayllasco

    Was pleasantly surprised by this product. Aside from the convenience, which I appreciate, the flower is definitely a better quality than one would anticipate. This flower is perfect for a dry herb vaporizer or just to quickly smoke in a joint. The ground flower has a good nose (terps).

  2. ed grey (verified owner)

    Super great deal for super great flower. It’s a blend and it’s always good, so it makes it fun every time. Great for vaping. Everything I’ve had with the calibueno stamp on it has been the best weed I’ve had. Really good flavor and smell.

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