Calibueno-Vietnamese Heat – 1/8oz.(3.5g)


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High quality small batch craft cannabis. Landrace strain.

30.35% THC – 0% CBD Total Terpenes: 5.72% ( Terpinolene 1.38% , Ocimene isomer II 1.22%, Ocimene .61% , beta-myrcene .50% , Limonene .35%)

The high THC level combines with the abnormally high terpene level packs a punch. A high unlike any other. Stoney yet energetic vibes that inspire ideation and movement.

Vietnamese Heat is a Landrace Strain from the 1970’s. Cultivated from seed in Northern California by First Cut Farms a master cultivator of craft cannabis. Making this batch one of the most unique flower cannabis experience in the California market.

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