Whitethorn Rose -7g

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Hybrid strain. Flower buds.

Total Cannabinoids 30.24%

THC 25.49% CBD: 0.05 % 

Limonene .42%  Linalool .15% – Total Terpenoids 1.32%

Flower Notes: Whitethorn  Rose is a cross between Paradise Punch x Lemon OG. Buds are a dark purple and green. One of a kind.

Huckleberry Hill Farm is a second generation family farm.  Focused on small batch craft cannabis. Sun-grown, full term.

One of the most special parts about the cultivars they grow is that they like to honor those special people who came before them, like Johnny’s mother, Merlene, by growing, breeding, and protecting her cultivars from 45 years ago. Each of their cannabis varieties reflects Marlene’s original cultivar and in its natural and coveted environment, there is nothing quite like full-sun craft cannabis from the hills of Southern Humboldt.

As they have grown to include newer methods of growing throughout the years, their mission remains the same, to produce organic, sustainable cannabis true to their tradition and unique to their farm.”- https://pickhumboldt.com/



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Huckleberry Hill Farms

Huckleberry Hill Farms

1 review for Whitethorn Rose -7g

  1. Colleen King (verified owner)

    Loved this flower. Whitethorn Rose has a dramatic purple color, and it smells like blackberry jam and lavender cream. It’s covered in trichomes and gives you a unique experience from the moment you open the jar. Energizing, but balanced head and body. Great daytime flower.

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