Calibueno Balanced CBD Cannabis Oil (30ml/ 1fl oz)

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30ml / 1oz

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Full Spectrum Cannabis Oil

Suggested Use:  Use orally or topically. Day or night.

Ingredients: Coconut MCT Oil & Cannabis Extract

2:1 CBD to THC rich. 60 doses

305mg CBD/THC per bottle.
4.97mg CBD/THC per dose.

To preserve freshness, store in a cool and dry place away from light and heat.

3 reviews for Calibueno Balanced CBD Cannabis Oil (30ml/ 1fl oz)

  1. Israel

    This oil is amazing! I have used this oil orally for myself and for my dog for sedation, pain, and recreational. It goes into affect within 30 minutes and long lasting. Would recommend this to anyone who’s looking for a CBD/THC oil.

  2. Brian

    I have used Calibueno’s CBD oil for my arthritis and fibromyalgia and it always provides relief from the joint pain and body aches that I experience. I recommend this product for anyone who needs relief!

  3. Pam

    I suffer from severe Complex Regional Nerve Pain Syndrome from a botched Knee Replacement. This oil helped with the firing nerve pain without any brain fog or medications. I used it orally and on areas of nerve pain. I was relieved it did not make me tired or feel out of sorts. thank you for helping me heal without narcotics!

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