Arcanna- Mendo Magic Pre-Roll -.8g


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Arcanna Sun-grown flower pre-roll.  Single .8g .  Hybrid -Lion Claw x Lion Claw

THC: 21.85% CBD .09% Terpenes 1.75% Terpenes: B-caryophyllene, a-Humulene, a-Bisabolol

Aroma: menthol, flower bouquet, peppery hints, cedar forrest, rosemary,
herbaceous, lemony hints, spicy

Flavor: sweet, spicy, rosemary, fruity, green apples

Effects: Feel the magic of Mendo in this heavy hitting Lion Claw cultivar variety. Enjoyable and expansive, like a nature walk through the forest after a rain.Heady with a fuzzy feeling across the forehead with warming effects. Grounding body feelings very balanced. Helps you stay in the flow. A good
companion for anytime of day, strong but you can still get your hard work done with good humor and silliness to keep the task fun.


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