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What is a landrace?

A landrace is a pure, indigenous strain of cannabis that has evolved over thousands of years in a specific geographic region. Landrace strains are considered to be the original or ancestral forms of the cannabis plant, and have adapted to the unique environmental conditions of their native regions.

Landrace strains are typically found in countries near the equator, such as Afghanistan, Thailand, and India, and are known for their distinctive aromas, flavors, and effects. These strains have been used for centuries for their medicinal and recreational properties, and are considered to be the building blocks of many of the modern hybrid strains available today.

In the world of cannabis, landrace strains are prized for their purity, stability, and unique genetics. They are often used by breeders to create new hybrid strains that incorporate the desirable traits of the landrace strains.

Overall, landrace strains are an important part of the cannabis plant’s history and evolution, and play a significant role in the development of the modern cannabis industry.